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Title: Temptation (Book 1 in The Temptation Series)

Author: K.M. Golland

Release: February 1, 2013

Age Group: Adult

Genre: Romance/Erotica
Sometimes being happily married and completely content is not at all what it seems.

That is what 35 year old, happily married mother of two, Alexis Summers finds out when decides it is time to return to work. After being a stay-at-home Mum for the past nine years, Alexis now realises a complete career change is just what she needs.

She becomes a Concierge Attendant in a prestigious hotel in Melbourne working for the owner of the hotel, Bryce Clark. He resides in the penthouse, is extremely hot and is a man who always gets what he wants—and what he wants is Alexis.  She does a relatively good job resisting Bryce at first, but the undeniable chemistry, sexual tension and playfulness between the two of them is intense.   He has copious amounts of money, sex appeal and above all, is a genuinely nice guy. Bryce has been waiting for his one true love to come along and he is positive that one true love is Alexis.

There is one problem; she is happily married to Rick, and no matter how strong her feelings are for Bryce, she is adamant she will not cheat. She draws a line in the sand but finds it increasingly hard not to cross. Will she succumb to Temptation?

Alexis has been happily married to the only man she's ever loved or been with and her two children.  Or so she thought she was happy.  She takes a job at a hotel as concierge assistant (CA) at a local hotel, excited to be part of the workforce after nine years of not working.

The owner of the hotel is none other than Bryce Clark,  He goes after what he wants and gets whatever he wants or needs.  He's sexy and confidant and the second he spots her coming into the hotel he approaches her and spends the morning with her.  Bryce knows everything about her, to the point where it's almost like he's stalking her.  He takes the opportunity to make sure that all his needs are met by Alexis and no one else, but her position quickly changes when his sister goes into labor leaving Alexis to be his personal assistant without fully being trained on what to do.

Bryce has made it clear that he wants Alexis in his bed and with him always, but Alexis says she's married and it's not going to happen.  But as time goes by and she gets to know the man behind the money, she can't help but feel like she is not only in love with her husband Rick, but also falling in love with her boss.  This book has a major secret that will change the course of events.  Will the secrets keep Bryce and Alexis apart or will it be what pushes them into one another's arms?

I loved this story.  It pulls you right in from the beginning and keeps you on your toes until the very end of the book.  Bryce is not your typical book boyfriend.  He's caring, compassionate, charming, and fun loving.  More than that unlike other sexy billionaires, he doesn't have women hanging off his arm.  Sure he has women that chase him, but he doesn't openly pursue them.  There's plenty of sexual tension in this book since Alexis is denying Bryce the one thing he wants and it makes you keep turning the page to find out what happens next.  This was a great start to the series, and I look forward to reading the other two books and seeing where the relationship between Alexis and Bryce goes and what ends up happening with her husband Rick.  I give it 4 stars.

***Review copy provided by author in exchange for a honest review***
K.M. Golland was born and raised in Melbourne, Australia. After studying Legal Practice for two years and working as a Land Conveyancer for four years, she put her career on hold to raise two beautiful children. Always having a love for reading, she decided rather than returning to the Legal Industry, she would become a Writer—publishing her debut novel Temptation (Book 1 in The Temptation Series.)

“I am an author. I am married. I am a mother of two adorable little people. I'm a Bookworm, Craftworm, Movieworm and Sportsworm. I'm also a self-confessed Shop-aholic, Tea-aholic, Car-aholic and Choc-aholic”.

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