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Finally by Scarlett Metal Blog Tour: Review & Giveaway

Lauren broke off an engagement with her old boyfriend because she caught him cheating on her.  She's finally ready to move on, but work has been keeping her too busy.

Marcus is a player, never settling down with one girl.  No one seems to meet his long list of requirements in a woman.

Marcus and Lauren have worked for the same company for years, but in locations across the country from each other.  They've been flirting for months.  When they are in the same city for a conference, they spend a few passionate days together, both assuming this is just a fling.  Once they each get home though, they realize they want more.  Can they make a long distance relationship work?  And when Lauren's old boyfriend come back to win her affection, can Marcus compete with their history?


Finally Playlist

“Sad” – Maroon 5
“I Won’t Give Up” – Jason Mraz
“Need You Now” – Train
“Out of My Head” – Theory of a Deadman
“Breathe” – Faith Hill
“Tangled Up In You” – Staind
“Daylight” – Maroon 5
“Gettin’ You Home” – Chris Young
“Lost In You” – Three Days Grace

Lauren just recently broke off her engagement after she found her fiance cheating on her with his secretary.  But Lauren is not out of the game, she has been secretly attracted to her co-worker from the Denver office, Marcus, and with her ex out of the way Lauren now openly flirts with Marcus via text, email, and video chat.  They have known each other for a few years and he has come to Chicago a couple of times for work and will be returning for a meeting that is scheduled.  The flirting between them is mutual and Marcus is excited to finally come out and have a chance to make Lauren his and even says he'll stay a couple of days to see the city with Lauren.  Even though Lauren has seen him a couple of times, this visit feels different and when they finally get a few minutes alone at the end of the night, Marcus makes his move and Lauren agrees to go back to his hotel with him and so begins they sexual affair.  Marcus has always been somewhat of a playboy in the past, but to him Lauren is different and he doesn't want her to be just another one night stand.

When Lauren and Marcus get together it's an explosion of sexual energy and just keeps going right up until the end of this book.  But this book is so much more than that.  It's about the feelings that have been growing between Lauren and Marcus and now that they have spent time together neither of them wants this to end.  But Marcus leaving at the end of the weekend and returning to Denver will they be able to make their long distance relationship work?  And when her ex returns to the picture will their new bond be enough to survive the return of her ex?

I absolutely loved this book it was hot and it was steamy and fogged up my Kindle pretty quickly.  This is actually the second book that I have read by Scarlett and she is the queen of short stories and I managed to finish this book within a matter of hours, I was a little sad when it ended and wanted to see what happened after the book ended and I jumped up and now (quite literally  when I found out that there is going to be a book 2 about Marcus and Lauren (YAY!!!)  I cannot wait to see what happens next and Scarlett and quickly become on of my new favorite authors, 5 stars!

***ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest review***

Scarlett lives in the Midwest with her family. When she's not busy writing steamy stories, she can be found with her nose in a book, camping, or geocaching with her family. She loves Diet Coke, Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, and 80's hair bands.

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