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Review: The Billionaire's Final Stand by Melody Anne

The Billionaire's Final Stand by Melody Anne

Published: October 4, 2012

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Synopsis: When the head of the Anderson family, Joseph, gets into a life-changing automobile accident, his family struggles to find a way to survive if he doesn’t come out of the coma the accident has placed him in.

Austin Anderson is used to being single, but slowly he's watched his siblings and cousins find true love, leaving him the final Anderson without a spouse. That's all about to change when he meets Kinsey, who has him chasing her all across town. This couple has passion, love, and excitement, and both are determined to make it on their own, though, they are so much better together.

Listen to the heartfelt reminiscing of Katherine as she tells the story of her romance with Joseph as she sits by his bedside, never losing faith that he’ll come back to her.

Laugh along with the large family as they turn the tables and start plotting 
against George as he tries to hide his growing feelings for Esther.

This final chapter in the Anderson family will leave you laughing, crying, and on a roller coaster of emotion as you once again step back into the world of the Anderson’s.

Family always comes first to the Multi-Billionaire’s of Seattle.

Review: I read my first Melody Anne book for free it was The Tycoon's Revenge, I am happy to say that I finished that entire series with the exception of the final book in the Titan series which I plan to read next. Having loved the series, I went on to read the Anderson series which I fell in love with. I loved all the stories, each one being unique in their own way and it was great getting to watch all the siblings fall in love and continue their love stories throughout the books in the series. The last book was by far my favorite. It was a little different than the other books in the series this one started out with the two brother Joseph and George getting into a severe car accident. The entire family rallied around them and it brought together again Austin Anderson and Kinsey the nurse watching over and caring from both the brothers. Austin and Kinsey already had a past together her being the best friend of his brother's wife, what I loved about this story was that it wasn't just a story about how Austin and Kinsey came together but also of Joseph and his wife Katherine and of George and Esther. It didn't make sense to me at first and I was confused by it but it all came together in the end and made sense. Lesson the book taught, life is too short to fight over the small things. Don't waste time and be together because in the end if you love one another that's all that matters. I am curious to see if there will be a continuation in the story of the antics of Joseph and George, would love to see another series come out of this. It also helps that I read The Billionaire's Final Stand prior to reading The Tycoon's Secret because the character from that story is related to this family, but you wouldn't even have realized it unless you read this series first and then went back and thought about who the 4th book is about so having read this book I was able to figure out who it was.

Read the books in order in this series it was well worth the read but they are best read in the order and I am looking forward to reading her new series Surrender and also about another series I read about at the end of this series Because of Honor.

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