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The Stark Affair Book One: Heat by Skylar Cross - Review


Book 1 of the 4-book series THE STARK AFFAIR by Skylar Cross 
Colton Stark is filthy rich. A billionaire playboy who drives fast and plays hard, he enjoys an endless stream of party girls... at his mansion, on his yacht, and in his private jet. 
He's also top of Miami-Dade Police Department's list of suspected narcotics traffickers. 
Tough girl cop Sofia grew up on the mean streets of Miami, unafraid to kick anyone's ass. When asked to investigate Colton, she doesn't even consider it a challenge. 
Until she comes face-to-face with Colton Stark's penetrating blue eyes. 
After a steamy meeting at his South Beach club, Sofia finds herself playing a dangerous but sexy game with her own principles. As evidence mounts of Colton Stark's dirty 
dealings, together they spark a bonfire of passionate heat. 

Mature content. 18+ only. 



Colton Stark has it all.  He's filthy rich, he's good looking, he has women falling at his feet for a chance to spend one night in his bed, and he's exceptionally smart having graduated at the top of his class at MIT.  But Colton Stark has been tired of his life for a long time.  He only owns 49% of his empire, his father having left the rest of the company in the hands of the board.  Colton has a plan that no one can find out about.

Sophia grew up in the streets of Miami. Her great grandfather, grandfather, and father were cops before her and it was only natural that Sophia followed in their footsteps much to the dismay of her father.  Sophia is not afraid of a challenge and to stand up for herself and those in need, she makes the perfect cop.  Her next challenge?  Find out what Colton Stark is up to.

He may be super smart, but he's suspected of being a trafficker and stealing money from his company.  Her job is to get as close as she can to him and find out what he is hiding.  There's just one problem... she wasn't expecting her attraction to Colton.

This story was interesting.  In the first part, we meet both Colton and Sophia and what happens before they meet and the first night they meet.  The only issue I had with this story was that since it is told in four parts, not much actually happens in the first part.  I can't wait to read the next part when it comes out, but it just kind of leaves you hanging there in need of something more than what the first part offered.  Because of that, I give it 4 stars.

***Complimentary copy provided by author in exchange for a honest review***


I love dark, mysterious, and deviant. Powerful dominant alpha males with troubled pasts who find strong but unfulfilled submissive women. Both need to escape the "rules" of society (just like me... haha.) Together they make hot steamy delight and fill in each other's damaged parts. This is me. This is what I write. Hope you like it.

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