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Ride Hard cb
Title: Ride Hard (Condemned Angels MC #2)
Author: Heather Leigh
Genre: MC Romance
Release Date: June 24, 2014



**This is book 2 of the Condemned Angels MC Series**   Jeremy Moretti, son the of the Condemned Angel’s President, has always had eyes for Nicole, his baby sister, Roxy’s best friend.   Nicole has eyes for both Jeremy and Hunter.   The Condemned Angels MC is the only family Nicole has left. After a series of events that almost cost Nicole to take her own life, Jeremy was the one to save her.   They have both struggled with sexual frustration for years, and have been holding back on each other. Being too stubborn and hard headed, Jeremy decides it’s best to push her away. When he doesn’t step up to the plate, Hunter is there to break her fall.   While Hunter and Nicole’s relationship blossoms, Jeremy tries to move on. However, he can’t let her go. It always been here, and it always comes back to Nicole.   After the death of the rival MC’s President, Ryder, has the Devil’s MC in a uproar as Ryder’s surviving brother, Jax has come to seek revenge.   With revenge, Jax brings unknown secrets that pertain to Nicole, which may risk everything, her safety, her MC family, and most importantly, Jeremy.    

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Unlike so many others, I didn't have to wait to read book 2.  Why? Because somehow I'd never heard of Heather Leigh and Burning Desire.  Where have you been the last 2 years of my life?!?!!!!  I loved book one and went straight into book 2 and no, sadly am waiting for book 3.  The cliffhanger still has me with my mouth hanging open...  (Believe me it's not as bad as I make it sound, I just need a little dramatics in my life.  But it will leave you wonder what the heck just happened???)

Nicole has had her eye on her best friend's older brother, Jeremy for years.  Unfortunately it just never seemed to be in the cards for them to be together.  After years of sexual frustration around one another, you'd think they would jump right into bed together right?  Well, you'd be wrong.  There's plenty of sass, flirting, and sexual tension on both sides and it made me really feel for Nicole because as much as she cares for Jeremy events in their past keep her from trusting him again.

Jeremy knows he should stay away from Nicole, but it's easier said then done.  She's the one women he's always wanted yet she's the one woman he's constantly pushed away.  He tries to move on, filling his bed with women and trying in vain to push Nicole away.  But some things are easier said then done.  In his absence, Hunter steps into the picture and makes a move on Nicole.  There's just one slight problem, he's not Jeremy.  As much as she wants to let him go, and as much as she wants to move on with Hunter she just can't seem to do it.  It will leave you wondering what will happen in this bizarre love triangle.  Move into the picture a woman that wants nothing more than to destroy the MC and secrets that brew just beneath the surface.  What's in their future?  Can they find their happily ever after?  Or will secrets from the past come back to the present and destroy everything before they've even started?

Heather writes wonderful characters.  We were first introduced to Nicole in Burning Desire.  I loved her character right from the start and it was obvious even in that book that there was sexual tension and frustration mounting between these two.  But Heather did a great job of leaving us guessing what would happen between these two and their story does not come to light until their book Ride Hard.  It was a wonderful ride full of steamy sexual scenes, plenty of laughs, and heartache.  It was the perfect blend of everything I look for in an MC novel and I cannot wait to see what she brings us in book 3, 5 amazing stars.

***Complimentary copy provided by author in exchange for a honest review*** 

About The Author

Deciding to write books was something I had contemplated for a while. A co-worker of mine had gotten me started me on the 50 Shades Trilogy. I had quickly became absorbed! Reading contemporary romance had become a part of me. Little did I know that my daughter was a product of the “50 Shades Baby Boom”! I remember going to my doctor’s appointment to find out that we were off to labor and delivery- and I didn’t download any new books to my kindle! Talk about bummed out! However, I made up for that when I was home for my maternity leave. I believe we read 40+ books while I was home.
I am a full time new mom, and wife. Yes, I do work full time, I am currently doing multiple things, bouncing back after baby, weight watchers, exercising, training for a 5k, reading and writing. So far, I have really enjoyed writing as a hobby.
My work book club, “HE” had consumed us (and by us, I mean 2). We were critics of the stories and characters. I then thought to myself, “hmm, I bet I could write stories just like this, and have them turn out like I’d want them to.” Well, joking turned into thinking. Thinking turned into brainstorming. Brainstorming lead to opening a word document and letting my mind explore.
Growing up I had written short stories with friends, and as extra credit for school. This is probably where it all started… I had turned in one of my short stories without re-reading, or editing it completely. I had my paper returned to me saying the “content was inappropriate.” Apparently contemporary romance was frowned upon in English class! Oops! So maybe I was destined to become a writer.
I thought to myself that I want to live in this world and make a difference and have a part of me in history after I leave. This is me staying forever young.
Here I will post my journey, it’s a learning experience for me, so please bear with me.
If you have any questions, comments, concerns, recommendations- I welcome them all.
Enjoy :)

love p

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