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Blog Tour - The Innocent by Kailin Gow: Review & Giveaway

Title:   The Innocent (The Protégé #2)
Author:  Kailin Gow
Genre: Contemporary Romance/Erotica 18+
Publication Date:  August 25, 2013
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What started out as revenge has turned into passion.  Serena Singleton, the innocent music grad student must now deal with a past that is consuming her future. She deals with it in the only way she knows how by falling heads first into the web of power and deception.  Has she cast Sebastian Sorensen, her handsome and brilliant professor aside for the powerful and controlling billionaire Price Turnsby or has she found a way to keep them both?  Sebastian Sorensen wants Serena more than ever, and he's willing to fight for it, even against a powerful foe like Price. But no matter how much he fights, is Serena lost to Price's charms and sexy ways more than she appears?  Follow book two of the sexy Protégé Series where nothing is as it seems.   

***WARNING - If you have not read The Protege, you will need to go back and read it first. Otherwise this review will contain major spoilers***

If you read that and are still reading this even though you haven't read The Protege, you have been warned.  What started out as Serena Singleton looking for revenge again Sebastian Sorensen when he turned her down for a spot in his musical while on stage as a stripper, had quickly morphed into passion.  Passion that Serena has never felt before.  Passion not only for music, but for the man Sebastian Sorensen.  Gone now is the sweet and innocent girl she portrayed and in it's place is her true self.  The woman that seeks sexual pleasure but not just in submission but in dominance as well.

But Serena now has a problem.  After reading that Sebastian is set to marry Willow, Serena runs back to the man she left behind.  A man who wants to control and dominate her entire life.  The man that saved her from the streets and taught her about what it is to be passionate and find sexual pleasure.  None other than her master, Price Turnsby.  Price punishes Serena for leaving him to pursue a degree in composition and for falling into the arms of his worst enemy Sebastian.  While Price is a passionate man and bring Serena to the brink and back, he's devoid of any true emotion other than sexual dominance.  He lacks the caring and love that Sebastian has shown her.

So while she stays with Price, she reveals to Sebastian that she is staying only to find out what kind of revenge he has planned for Sebastian.  While her body still craves the touch of her master, she longs for the way that Sebastian makes her feel.  But she has made it clear to him that they must only have a relationship on a professional level and he is to return to the role of her adviser and nothing more.  Day in and day out, Sebastian longs for the return of the few short weeks that he and Serena spent together.  It's torture for him to be so close to her, but still have her so far out of his reach.  

He vows to fight in any way possible to show Serena that he can handle her true and sexy nature.  That he can give Serena a life she has only dreamed about and that Price will never be the man she truly needs in her life.  But can he really handle what it will take to prove this to Serena?  Can he really be man enough?  And who really is Price Turnsby?  What is his past really about?  What is he not telling anyone?

I was so excited to start this book right after I finished The Protege.  Now familiar with Kailin Gow's work, I know to expect great things out of her work and her characters.  She did not disappoint with this story.  At times it was hard to watch Sebastian fight for the woman he loves, a woman that belongs to another man.  But the journey there was a great one, and I cannot wait for The Master to come out.  I can't wait to see more of this new side of Serena and find out what happens with both Price and Sebastian.  If you have never read any of Kailin's work, this is the perfect series to start out with and then when you're done go and check out The Master Chef series, it's just as great as this one.  I give this book 5 stars, and even though the wait for the third book will be a few months, I know in the end the wait will be well worth it!

***Paperback ARC provided by author in exchange for a honest review***

A Texan at heart, she currently lives in California and Nevada, but spent part of her young adult and new adult years in England. Kailin Gow is a full-time author, a mother of an active little girl, and the founder of the social site, the Saving You Saving Me Project. She has worked with other women such as singer Caitlin Crosby and actress Kristin Kreuk (Beauty and the Beast, Smallville on the CW and ABC Television)in helping women and girls develop self-esteem. Kailin Gow has over 100 fiction books published with a handful of non-fiction books and is busy working on her next novel. She'd love to hear from her readers and invite them to contact her at kailingowbooks (at)aol (dot)com or friend her on Facebook, where she is a Facebook junkie.
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