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Blog Tour: Savor Me by Kailin Gow - Promo, Review, & Giveaway

Title: Savor Me (Master Chefs Series #2)
Author:  Kailin Gow
Genre: Erotic Romance
Publication Date:  June 25, 2013
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Book 2 of the steamy erotic Master Chefs Series continues culinary student Taryn Cummings' and Master Chef Errol King's forbidden relationship that challenges and shakes both to the edge of all they've known. Could love exist after pain?
Savor Me is for 18+ due to mature subject and sexuality.

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WARNING: If you have not read Devour Me go back and do so. In order the fully understand this story, you must start at the beginning.

They're back... Oh wait, just Taryn is back.  Taryn couldn't handle being in Paris with Errol at the institute anymore, so she booked a flight home to New York and ran.  Her mother and brother Bobby are happy to have her home, but they both know that she ran away from something or someone and they intend to eventually find out why.

Not even two days back in New York and Taryn is already back working at the family restaurant along side her mother and brother.  Taryn feels great to be home with her family, happy to see that her brother is taking cooking classes and is eager to learn new things.  But in the back of Taryn's mind is Errol.  He's never far from her thoughts always creeping up at the worst possible moments having her wonder if she did the right thing by leaving.  But the events that led to her leaving made her realize that she did need a break from Errol and the institute which she doesn't plan to return to for the time being.  Taryn seems to be adjusting to life back in New York, even running into high school friend turned firefighter Matt.  Matt has always liked Taryn and he is no longer in her eyes a high school student but a big muscular man who she can't take her eyes off of.  But Matt wants to date and Taryn still can't get a certain handsome erotic chef out of her mind.

Then it happens.  Errol returns.  (Jump up and down for joy!!!)  Errol has a restaurant close by the restaurant owner by Taryn's mother.  Looking for something different to eat the hotel directed him to the restaurant and Taryn finds herself face to face with Errol once again.  But all is not easily forgotten or forgiven in Taryn's eyes and she still wants to keep her distance.  Errol's not having it especially after he catches the way that Taryn and Matt are interacting causing Errol to stake his claim on Taryn and show her that her body still wants him.  Taryn does still want him, but she's not willing to give up without a fight.

When Taryn's mother is in an accident, Errol steps up and helps take care of the restaurant and Taryn herself who seems to be at a loss as to what to do about her mom not being able to work at the restaurant.  Errol slowly makes his way back into Taryn's heart and she has a hard time keeping her feelings toward him to herself.  When Taryn is introduced to Suzanne the chef and also ex-lover of Errol's she is not pleased to see someone that clearly still loves Errol working so closely with him, questioning whether Errol is serious about her or if he still wants Suzanne.  Join Taryn and Errol as they try to discover if there is a relationship left after all the heartache and loss they have experienced in their lives.

This installment was a little more series and showed a deeper side into both Taryn and Errol.  You get to see Errol outside of his instructor element and meet the man behind the chef's jacket.  I was really able to connect with Taryn in this book, she just felt so much heartache and love towards Errol and at one point I was so happy for them both.  I cannot wait for Consume Me to see where their relationship will lead to next. Another 5 stars!

***Review copy gifted by author in exchange for a honest review***

Kailin Gow is the author of over 100 books in multiple genres, including the Loving Summer Cookbook. She’s lived in Texas, California, Nevada, and England; but has traveled all over the world. Her books always contain a twist on anything remotely familiar, and she enjoys bringing her audience an entertaining read as well as resources to explore the stories further. She talks to her readers and engages in them on a regular basis. Email her if you would like to be on her newsletter containing exclusive news, updated new release schedules, contests, and chances to participate in fun activities at kailingowbooks (at) aol (dot) com.

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