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Review: The Winemaker's Dinner: Entrée by Dr Ivan Rusilko & Everly Drummond

The Winemaker's Dinner: Entrée

By Dr. Ivan Rusilko & Everly Drummond


Published: December 16, 2012

Length: 208 pages

Synopsis:  Dr. Ivan Rusilko has got it bad. He’s in love—with life, his work, and his baby girl, Jaden Thorne. The nearly 3000 miles between Miami and L.A. that once threatened their happily-ever-after now seem nothing more than a mere geographical challenge—nothing a few hours on a plane and a sexy weekend rendezvous can’t trump. No time apart is too long to keep him from wanting her in his arms and in his bed. He’s absolutely sure Jaden is his dream come true.

Jaden Thorne is living the life she’s always wanted. She’s got her one-in-a-million job on a TV cooking show, she’s achieved celebrity chef status, and she’s in a committed relationship with her perfect guy… Then the network’s surprise decision to add a co-host to her show takes a bite out of her perfectly balanced life and career. With a new man in the mix, living the dream gets a whole lot more complicated both personally and professionally.

When the emotional, mental, and physical paths of true love’s course collide with frustration, secrets, and assumptions, will Ivan and Jaden pay the price? Does their dream-come-true cost something neither can afford?

The Winemaker’s Dinner: Entrée is a decadent meal of passion, sex, and secrets, inspired by the real romantic life of Dr. Ivan Rusilko. Authors Everly Drummond and Dr. Ivan Rusilko have turned up the heat in this emotional follow up to The Winemaker’s Dinner: Appetizers, expertly executing their unique recipe for blending fact and fantasy, with more than a dash of passion and sex.

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***If you have not read the first book, The Winemaker's Dinner: Appetizer, please make sure you do so before reading this review.  This book is part of a three book series and to be fully enjoyed should be read in the correct order***

The second book picks up a few months after the Appetizer ended, Jaden is in full swing on her new cooking show, One Hot Kitchen.  She has a great boyfriend, the career she's always dreamed of, and is living all her dreams in Los Angeles.  Ivan and Jaden's relationship is still going strong even though they are apart most of the time and only see one another every two weeks taking turns flying back and forth to spend weekends together.  Everything is going great the only down side, is that they long to be together all the time but their careers won't allow it not to mention there is a darkness looming over Jaden in the form of a new co-host for the show, Damian Gris son of famous chef, Francois Gris.  It's clear from the beginning that Damian is not serious and is a playboy who's only looking for his next chance to get laid.  More concerned about his looks and his image, he doesn't care who he has to step on to get where he wants to be, front and center in the limelight.  

The relationship at the beginning of the book between Ivan and Jaden was going so great, I was rooting for them full force but I just knew something was going to happen to rip their world apart.  At the beginning of the book, Ivan surprises Jaden by showing up unannounced on set while she is taping having skipped his trip he was taking to Washington.  He takes her away for a magical weekend all alone in the middle of nowhere.  Ivan is such a romantic and does everything that he can for the woman he loves even supporting her with work when she has to face her new co-host.  I really thought that they had found a way to make their long distance relationship work.  I was wrong.  As time went on, Ivan became more and more preoccupied with work phone calls and constant texts became few and far between, at one point Ivan announced he was going to have to skip their two week visit due to business he had to tend to.  What did this do to Jaden?  I watched as it slowly ripped her apart, she started to listen to the ideas that Damian planted in her head; trying his hardest to make Jaden think that there was no way that Ivan was faithful.  That a young handsome doctor like him could have his pick of any woman he wanted and was probably off constantly banging other random chicks.  So when Jaden is required to attend a network gala solo, she pretty much loses it.  She drinks way too much and starts to get a little too close to Damian ultimately going home with him and waking up the next morning in his bed without a clue of what transpired the night before.

In this book the reader really gets into Jaden's head and gets to feel what she is feeling with Ivan away and the turmoil she goes through before and after she ends up in Damian's bed; seemingly unaware of what Ivan has been planning for their future this entire time.  So when lies and secrets surround their relationship, will Jaden and Ivan's love survive?  Wish I could tell you but then what would be the point in reading the story???

I read this book start to finish in one day, I just couldn't seen to put it down.  The authors really turned up the heat in this book, it was full of passion and heat; I loved every second of it especially the doctor/patient scene that was HOTT.  This series just keeps getting better and better and I cannot wait to read to see what happens in the final book in this series, after all dessert is the best part of the meal!

Favorite Quote:

"Jaden, in a world filled with heartache, pain, and uncertainty... your love is the mountain I needed to climb, the song I needed to sing, and the chance I needed to take.  I wanted to know what love could be, and I found the answer in you.  You're everything to me." Loc 679

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