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Review: Solder in Chains by Megan D. Martin

Soldier in Chains by Megan D. Martin


Anticipated release date: April 12, 2013

ARC provided by author

Synopsis: Dorian North, a soldier in the United States Army, is only hours away from being finished with her final tour in Afghanistan. It's only when she’s ambushed by al Qaeda that Dorian is knocked unconscious and awakens to find herself bound and gagged in a stranger's bed. She desperately tries to escape, but quickly finds herself enamored with her captor's alarming handsomeness.

Rob Hutcherson is a former Sergeant of the United States Marine Corps, who stumbled upon an al Qaeda ambush. He rescues the surviving soldier: the most beautiful woman he's ever laid eyes on. Taking her back to his home he finds his attraction to the fierce young woman to be overwhelming. When she wakes for the first time her goal is clear: escape. In fear for her safety he chains the little hell cat to his bed. He can't bear the thought of losing her, so he plans to show the little spit fire all the reasons she should stay…

About The Author:

Megan D. Martin is a multi-published author, editor, student, and mother.
She enjoys decorating her home with strange things that do not match, playing her old school Nintendo Entertainment System, and buying fish for her many fish tanks.
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If you are looking for something short to read that is still full of hot steamy sex, then Soldier in Chains is the book for you. It’s nice sometimes especially for me to read a short book because for me there are only so many hours in a day and at times I find myself unable to finish a book for days. Some people might say the connection in this story was too fast, I however believe that when you feel a connection and you find your soul mate you don’t need to know one another six month or a year to feel that draw to your other half so before you discount this book for an unbelievable love story I think you should keep that in mind. This story is about a soldier named Dorian whose plane has to make an emergency landing and gets ambushed by Al Qaeda on her way home from Afghanistan. She gets his in the head pretty hard and is rescued by an ex Marine who lives in the area named Rob. Rob takes her home so help her heal from her head wound but Dorian wakes up and tries to hurt him so she ends up tied to the bed. She’ll do anything to get away from him even at one point trying the sweet and innocent approach to get free from the chains and gag he’s put her in. There is an attraction between them one you wouldn’t expect since she’s basically tied to the bed against her will but the second he takes her to shower a week into her captivity the attraction between them ignites. But when Dorian tries to run away again she finds herself chained back to the bed and finding herself being sexually tortured by Rob. But it becomes clear that Rob feels an unexpected draw to Dorian, one that he hasn’t felt in a long time. He has had his share of women all of whom he does not make a connection with but she is different he wants to keep her. So when the tables are turned she finds herself able to return the favor and tie him up to the bed. But once the chains are gone and they really get to know one another they find their attraction is mutual. You find yourself watching as two lost lonely souls find one another which I for one love in a story. The sex scenes were hot I loved the dynamic of this story and would even love to see what happened after their story ended. Overall great short read and look forward to reading more books by this author in the future!

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