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Review: Heart Song by Bec Botefuhr

Heart Song by Bec Botefuhr
Published:  January 26, 2013

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Synopsis: Two years have passed since the pain and heart ache Violet felt when her loved ones betrayed her, since she ran. Now she is heading back home. Travis has been on her mind for two years, and she wants to put her past to bed, but what happens when she comes back only to find he has changed? He is more dangerous for her now, yet, she can’t seem to stay away. Then there is the crazy stalker that is less than impressed with her return, and the biker who is still after her. Did she make a mistake coming home?

Travis lied; he knows he made a mistake. He wanted to make it better, but she just upped and left. Mischief was his life line, and now she is back and testing everything he ever felt for her, but his life is darker now. Drugs have taken over, and without them, he doesn’t know how to cope. He lost the love of his life, and his ex won’t let him see his daughter. How will he deal with everything happening at once?

Come on the final journey with Travis and Violet, where they discover each other again. Will they find their happily ever after?

Review: Let me first start out by saying this, I finished this book in less than 12 hours. That I think might be a new record for me especially since I spent most of my day at work today.

***If you haven't read Phoenix Rockstar stop now and go back and read it before you read this review I won't give anything away about Heart Song but there are some major spoilers from Book 1***

As you have figured out from the previous book Violet left and ran away broken and hurt over the lies from her father Chief, from the death of Jeremy who almost took her life with his, and most of all for Travis never telling her he and Anna had a child together. The story resumes two years later when Violet comes back home and finds that Chief and Jasmine his daughter have moved in together and Violet loses it she doesn't share well. Doesn't help matters any that her best friend Regan is dating one of the members of Travis' band and takes her to his show that night. Travis is not in good shape and in anger says things he doesn't mean to her. (Well he means them just they were said in the heat of the moment).
He finally tells Violet some days later that she belongs to him and that he's not letting her go. It's not until Anna tells Violet that Travis is on drugs and won't allow him to see his daughter and he has sex with her while she's high does she see he really has a problem. She decides she has to fix him, she's the only one that can. After all she's the reason that he's now using drugs since she broke him and a piece of him died that night. She takes his drugs away and she fixes him making him grateful once he can get his head cleared. This book has a lot of heartache, there are lots of tears, and emotions. But with it comes a crazed biker our for revenge, a crazy psycho stalker, and even some sisterly love. I loved how Mandy came back and made an appearance in the story and I look forward to reading her story in book 3. Overall I really enjoyed this book and book 1 although I did enjoy this book a lot better than book 1 since it just picked up right where book 1 left off and kept going. I don't like me love stories easy and this one wasn't easy spanning over the years of both of their lives but I'm glad in the end they found one another and I look forward to reading other works by this author in the future. Hopefully they are similar to this story since I really enjoyed it.

Favorite Quote:

"You do belong to me; you have always belonged to me.  If you let me talk for five minutes, I would have told you that."  Loc 843 (Travis)
"You and I may never be more than what we are, but I can tell you something... you are the only person on the face of this earth that knows how to make me smile." Loc 3397 (Travis) 

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