Friday, February 15, 2013

Review: Christmas with a Soldier by Makenna Jameison

Christmas with a Soldier by Makenna Jameison
Short Stories
Published: December 16, 2012

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Synopsis: Single-mom Meghan Jones is heading home to finish last-minute Christmas preparations with her five-year-old daughter. Major Trent Harrison is returning to town to say goodbye to his father. When a sudden snowstorm leaves them both stranded, heated animosity between them quickly turns into a night of sizzling passion.

Is Trent what Meghan has been searching for? Are Meghan and her daughter what Trent never realized he was looking for all along?

Enjoy this steamy romance this holiday season! Christmas with a Soldier, the first story in the Soldier Series Romance Novellas.

Review: If you are looking for something short you can read and finish in one sitting this is a great book to read. I normally read full length novels, but sometimes it's nice to read something short and sweet. I originally thought this book was just going to be about a soldier passing through and there wouldn't be any actual story behind it, but there was and it was enjoyable. Meghan met Trent when she bumped into his car where it was parked on the side of the road due to a tree being down in the road, they can't get through so they go off together in the woods to try and find away around, I won't give anything else away, but what you find in this story is a single mother with a five year old daughter Hannah and that her ex boyfriend didn't start and died and a soldier who had come to town on leave to attend his father's funeral. So what you find is a man with no one and a woman looking for love for so long and put them together and its magical. While I did enjoy the ending (since I love my happy endings) I would have loved to see where it the story went beyond the Christmas. Overall cute story, and I look forward to reading other work by this author in the future!

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