Saturday, September 17, 2016

Restaurant Review - Buffalo Wild Wings, Hayward California

Please excuse any spelling issues in this article, I was really upset when I wrote it and frankly still at this point don't care if words are spelled incorrectly or if some of the sentences don't make sense.  Believe me, my point comes across clear.  If you would like to see my review on Yelp, the link is here:  Feel free to share it, I'm not the only person that has complained about their service and I'm sure I won't be the last.  They are just lucky they didn't catch me on a bad day because I was really nice today.

I can't even review the food from this place and that in and of itself is very sad because a lot of people seem to like eating here.

Today, my husband decided to surprise me by taking me here. The location has been here for a while and a lot of people were excited -myself included- to try out Buffalo Wild Wings since I have never been there. I unfortunately have a lot of issues with this place.

The first issue I have, is that the way they setup the parking at this location. Unless you are there for pickup or are handicapped, you have to walk all the way around the building to get into the restaurant. When we went inside, there was entire room of people standing around and sitting there. What were they doing? Just waiting. They have A LOT of employees, but guess what they don't have? Someone to greet customers when they walk in the door. When the amount of business this place has, that is a HUGE missed opportunity. We stood there for about five minutes before anyone bothered to come over and ask who was next. No one raised their hand except for one lady that said she had a table of five. I waited to make sure that no one else was waiting to be helped and I told the gentleman that we needed a table for two. He was a very nice guy with glasses and seemed to know what he was doing. He picked up some marker, wrote something down, and then walked away. That's the last time I saw him.

We sat there for another five minutes before someone else came along, I would assume that person is who is supposed to be working there and he looked confused and started reading what I assume is the list of people that are waiting to get seated. The issue is that no one -NOT A SINGLE PERSON- had one of those devices that vibrates when it is your turn to get a table and the person who was there didn't ask a single person for their name so they could determine who was next to get seated.

A few people walked in after us and sat down after telling the new guy they were waiting for a table. After the first one passed, I kindly got up and told the young guy that we had been waiting there almost twenty minutes for a table and that people that walked in after us already were being seated. He said he was sorry and handed me a buzzer then proceeded to seat people that came in after us AGAIN. My husband was really upset so I told him let's wait to see what happens and then we'll say something. When the guy came back, my husband asked him why he was seating people that came after us and his response was that he just got there and didn't know what was going on or who got there first. Mind you, the guy saw us sitting there when the people he just seated came in the door so he saw that we were patiently waiting. He told the guy it was bullshit that he was seating people that clearly came in after us and they had about half the dining room empty mind you, and his response was that he didn't like the way we were talking to him and that he didn't care that we came in there before them. Needless to say we didn't get to eat here. We weren't asking for anything for free, we pay like everyone else, and we were the ONLY people left waiting there, so why couldn't we get a table? It's not like there were people waiting and we were trying to cut in line, there wasn't a SINGLE PERSON standing there waiting, only us and he continued to not offer us a table. The guy continued to argue and shout at my husband after he left the restaurant, so I went back inside and told him that what he did wasn't right because I asked nicely and didn't cuss at him and he was still rude to me. I will never in my life go back to this restaurant again and I will tell every single one of my friends and followers to not go to this location. A shame too because I heard their food is really good. They missed out on having a blogger write a really nice review about their restaurant.

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