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Blog Tour: Finding Me, Finding You by Shealy James - Review

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  Parker wasn’t always a bad boy. It wasn’t until his life seemed to lose meaning that things started spiraling out of control. Nothing mattered though, not without her around. That was until he met Maggie, the introverted beauty that had taken one too many verbal beatings. Maggie wasn’t exactly shy, but she definitely wasn’t confident either. Until now she had been happy existing in her small world, but she was ready for a change. She vowed to make friends in college. Simple, right? Not quite. Maggie discovers she was in store for more than just friendship. Instead she finds a painful crush on an emotionally unavailable guy. As Maggie and Parker each head down the path of self-discovery, they learn it isn’t always easy to keep the ones you love when you are becoming the person you want to be.


            At first when I started reading this book I had to put it down and pick it back up twice because I had a little trouble getting into the story.  Once I got past the initial meeting of Maggie and Parker, the story did pick up a little bit but even at that rate the story was a little slow paced.
            Maggie doesn’t see how beautiful she is thanks to a mother that finds faults in here in everyway possible, especially with her twin sisters being what Maggie’s mother defines as perfect and has an over protective father that doesn’t want any man near his little girl.
            Parker just wants to move away from his dad.  To his dad, the things that he does will never be enough.  Ever since his mother died, his father has been riding him about every little thing and all Parker wants to do is leave and never look back.
            Max is the best friend that has always been by Maggie’s side and they view each other as brother and sister, but even Max can’t make Maggie see how beautiful she is on both the inside and outside.
            Maggie has zero confidence at the beginning of the book and the way she views herself almost made me put this book down half a dozen times.  I have a lot of issues with characters that think they are the worst looking human ever.  Does she describe herself as that?  No.  But the way she portrays herself it definitely comes off like that and it upset me to no end.  Parker doesn’t do relationships.  He doesn’t need to complications.  He enjoys women who know the score and are satisfied with only the one night they will spend with him.
            But for Parker, Maggie is different and for Maggie, Parker is the first man that she’s actually had any real interest in.  She didn’t even date when she was in high school. 
            Join Maggie and Parker as they navigate through their college years and find that friendship can eventually lead to more.
            I loved the supporting characters in this story, and I look forward to reading the next book about Parker and Maggie and more about the other characters in the future.  I give this book 4 stars for being well written.

***Complimentary copy provided by author in exchange for a honest review***

Meet the Author

Shealy James is Georgia native who teaches middle school math during the day and disappears into fiction at night. She is an avid reader and a writer who laughs in the face of middle school angst and welcomes humor, drama, and the all-important happy ending. Shealy is the author of Finding Me, Finding You (Finding Series Book 1), Finding Us (Finding Series Book 2) and Whole Life Re-Do (Whole Life Series Book 1).

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