Saturday, June 28, 2014

The Encore by Ashley Pullo - Cover and Teaser

THE ENCORE (The Bridge Series, #4) by Ashley Pullo

Expected Release Date: July 5, 2014
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Natalie’s List of Necessary Vacation Items:

- One small bottle of RICA after wax lotion with Argan oil (Because a lady always tends to her garden.)

- One Diane von Furstenberg red wrap dress (Chris’ favorite. Mainly because of the easy access.)

- Monogrammed swimsuit cover-up, monogrammed tennis polo, monogrammed toiletries bag (Who am I kidding? Monogrammed flask!)

- Feather nipple clamps from the House of Sex Pain (Oh?)

- Body Glitter (Because Adam lost a bet and I have plans to embarrass the shit out of him.)

- One dime bag hidden safely in Chris’ golf shoes (Chloe and I are never too old for a romp with Mary Jane.)

Every memorable rock concert must come to an end, but not until the audience is rewarded with a special encore. Join the cast of The Bridge Series as they commence the annual Ford/Brooks summer vacation. Full of mishaps, humor, and a few secrets along the way, this novella can only be compared to the “vacation episode” of classic sitcoms. From the hilarious voice of Natalie Brooks - The Encore.


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Intermission (The Bridge, #2) 

The Refrain (The Bridge, #3) 

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