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Blog Tour - Review: Stealing Ryder by V. Murphy

“I will pick up the pieces of your past and steal your heart forever, Ryder." 

She stole his heart in Sharing Harper but will he be able to change his bad boy ways and do everything he can to prevent his ex and his family from destroying their relationship before it even begins? 

Ryder Kent, 28, comes from a broken past full of secrets, suffering and a shattered marriage. His daughter, Evelyn, is his entire life until he met Harper, 21, a few months ago and everything changed. Harper is the reason he wakes up in the morning, but no one can seemingly accept this from his past. The pain he suffered years ago comes back to surface and Harper will have to work to save their relationship from ending. 

Will Harper & Ryder be able to save their relationship and overcome the challenges they face or will they end up broken in the shadows of the past? 

Follow Harper & Ryder on their continued journey in Stealing Ryder. 

Sharing Harper

Stealing Ryder
***Warning*** If you have not read Sharing Harper you will need to read it prior to reading Stealing Ryder.  This is NOT a standalone.

This story picks up one month after the end of Sharing Harper.  Ryder comes from a broken past.  One where his family did everything they could to destroy his future so he would take over the family law firm.  Not a second goes by that he doesn't love Evelyn his daughter, but Kylee is a thorn in his side that won't go away.  She's determined to get Ryder back and send Harper away.

Harper managed to save Ryder from the darkness of his life by loving him.  They complete each other in every way and they are happy they found one another.  Harper has finally moved on from her past with Tye and found love in Ryder, her nightmares a thing of the past.

But just when you think things are going great and they will find their happily ever after doubt creeps into their relationship and starts to take root.  Harper knows that Evelyn is the most important thing to Ryder so when Kylee begins to talk about moving back to Texas, Harper fears she will lose him to Kylee and will run to follow his family.  In the back of Harper's mind, she always fears that one day Ryder will return to Kylee and they will resume their relationship.  To make matters worse, Ryder and Kylee were invited to a wedding together unknown to his friend, Kylee and Ryder are divorced.  Ryder doesn't tell Harper or invite her, allowing her to find out from Finn that he's leaving for Texas.

He will return to the last place he's ever wanted to return.  He'll leave Harper behind to attend the wedding and confront his past, but the doubt that has already taken a hold of Harper's mind grows and grows until finally it explodes.  Can Ryder save his relationship with Harper or will the demons of his past finally destroy his relationship with Harper?

I was a HUGE fan of Sharing Harper.  It was one of the best books I've read, but for a lot of Stealing Ryder I didn't like Ryder.  He was constantly doing things to Harper -whether or not they were intentional is irrelevant- that made her doubt their relationship.  Harper has such a fractured past and is very emotional in this book.  Normally I don't like women that cry and complain but come on Ryder did so many things to her that I just couldn't ignore.  Kylee was always at the center of the conversation and the issue with that is when your girlfriend sees that your ex-wife is going to be an issue the worst thing you can do is allow her to continue to think that.  While Ryder did manage to redeem himself in the end, the way he acted in this book seriously affected my rating for this story.  I have another issue I must bring up.  Normally I don't because let's face it we're all human and mistakes are mistakes but there were several time that I had to go back and reread a sentence to understand what was being said.  Not to mention there were a few times where I was scratching my head because for instance at the beginning of one sentence she's wearing shorts and in the same sentence she's wearing jeans.  It was that big of a thing that even after finishing the entire book I still remember seeing it.

I do look forward to the next book however because just went I thought their story was over, there is someone who will return and I look forward to seeing where that leads.  Overall the story redeemed itself in the second half, but not enough to save my rating of it.  I give it 3.5 stars.

***Review copy provided by author in exchange for a honest review***

Hi! I am V. Murphy and I love everything about reading (some may call me a bibliophile). I am a current graduate from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign and heading out west to live the California dream while pursuing my masters degree in school counseling at the University of San Diego. You can find me writing in a Panera, small coffeeshop or on campus. When I am not spending my time in school or reading, I love to write, bake and shop.

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