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Blog tour - Wild Chase by L.A. Bressett - Review


"Music is a Moral Law, It Give Soul to the Universe" - Plato

Sometimes it doesn't matter how long you know a person. The effect they can have on you can happen after four seconds or four years.

In Chase Taylor's case - it's both.

Avery McGuire doesn't just flip on a light inside of her - he set a blaze to everything holding her back. After only a week together he has to leave, but he strikes a match before walking away that won't easily burn out.

Four years later, Chase finds herself face to face with the boy - now rock star - who changed everything. The same one she still can't admit to falling head over heels in love with. She has no idea that her world is about to get rocked, in more ways than one.

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My review

Chase Melanie Taylor has grown up in a sheltered life.  No phone, no television, no boyfriend, she even has to ask permission to stay over with her best friend Victoria and even then getting her parents to agree takes a miracle.  Her parents are heavily involved with their church and expect Chase to follow through and join a convent.  But Chase doesn’t view that as her future.  She wants just one chance, even just for one night to be someone else.  Music is her passion, from hiding a stereo under her bed, to writing lyrics, and hiding a guitar she bought in the rooftop shed at work.  Chase’s one shot to go up on stage and sing comes in the form of a customer at the pizza place where she works who happens to own a bar.  Officially eighteen and with a little liquid courage she decides that it’s time to sing this one time before she gives up her dream once and for all.  That is until she’s out on the dance floor with Vic and smacks right into Avery McGuire.  With his grey eyes, blonde hair, and tattoos he’s everything that Chase could ever want in a man and he loves music just like she does.  One chance meeting will change her forever.  In the week they spend together Avery ruins her for every other man, claiming her in everyway possible before he leaves to return home to New York taking with him her heart.  Avery says Chase deserves more out of life than the hand she’s been dealt and makes her promise she’ll make the most of her life and find her own way.

Changed by Avery, Chase leaves home and goes to stay with Victoria.  Now four years later and living in Los Angeles, Chase is not the same girl she once was.  She now covered in tattoos, piercings, and her hair yes ladies it’s purple.  Chase is unique is every way and when the modeling agency Vic works for needs unique looking models for a shoot Vic convinces Chase to come and work with her.  Problem?  Unbeknownst to Chase and Victoria, the shoot is for none other than Vengeful Honor and guess who’s band that is?  None other than the now grown up and engaged Avery McGuire.  Chase is hoping that Avery doesn’t recognize her even changing her name for the day to her middle name Melanie.  Just like she suspected, Avery doesn’t recognize her.  He’s placed her from somewhere but it’s not until he sees the tattoo Chase got during his week’s visit does it click into place that Melanie is actually none other than his Chase.

Avery doesn’t tell his bandmates that the girl who’s lying across his lap is his Chase, simply leaving her as Melanie a cool chick who can sing and wants to help the band fix their song for their new album.  While Avery tells Chase that he and his girlfriend Olivia are not engaged to get married, Avery is dead set on them being friends and nothing more.  Chase has caught the eyes of his bandmate Jesse and Jesse wants a shot at her.  In doing so, Chase cannot reveal her identity since everyone knows about his week in Texas and the girl who forever changed his life four years ago.  Determined to do the same as Avery, Chase attempts to move on and even though her heart still beats for the man she fell in love with four years ago by dating Jesse.  While Avery is attracted to Jessie physically and is falling for him, her heart cannot forget the man she’s been unable to let go of for the last four years.  While Avery still has Olivia, he seems upset that Jessie and Chase are together.  Both appear to have moved on, but what happens when they confront the feelings they still hold toward one another and what happens when those around discover they both withheld her identity from them all?

I admit in the beginning of the book I wasn’t a fan on Chase.  She just seemed so sheltered and innocent, not fighting for the man she was in love with.  I absolutely fell in love with her four years later when she changed everything about herself except for the fact that her love of music has only grown deeper as time has passed.  She knows what he wants and goes after it, but deep down she’s still that same girl that Avery left behind, she’s just grown up into a different woman in terms of looks.  Avery wants so much to be everyone’s hero and not hurt anyone’s feelings pretty much ignoring the way he feels himself in the process.  Their journey was incredible to watch and I cannot wait to see what happens in the other books in this series and to see what happens in their future.  I can’t say more than that cause saying so will ruin the ending of this book, all I can say is that it’s worth the read as I am sure the next book will be worth the read as well, 5 stars.

***ARC provided in exchange for a honest review***

About the Author

L.A. Bressett is a simple, city-country girl that love chocolate chip cookies, Erik Northman, and laughing until her stomach hurts. Her love for books began in diapers and has only grown over the years. She spends her days listening to music, watching her two kiddos grow up way to fast, and watching an obscene amount of TV with her main man. You can catch her on Facebook, avoiding her household chores, anytime.

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