Saturday, May 18, 2013

My review: Saving Dallas by Kim Jones

Title: Saving Dallas
By Kim Jones
Genre: Contemporary
Publication date: April 29, 2013
Length: 244 pages


When the self-righteous, millionaire bachelorette, Dallas Knox walks into Hattiesburg’s largest night club she is looking for one thing – a one night stand with no strings attached. What she doesn’t expect is to find herself at the mercy of the Devil’s Renegades Motorcycle Club and their President-Luke Carmical.

Luke is dangerous, sexy, and dark. The life he lives is far different from the privileged life Dallas is accustomed to.

Can she accept the lifestyle of an MC?

Can she handle the domineering nature of Luke?

Or is it too late to save Dallas from the path she has chosen…

My review:

As a blogger and an avid reader I have read my share of books ranging from sweet and loving to down right erotic and disturbing.  But I have a special place in my heart of bikers and no matter what I am reading I will drop it just to read it.  Not every single one I have read has been great but I have to say that Saving Dallas ranks among my top 5 favorite books about Bikers.  The first thing that drew me to this book was the cover.  I happened by chance to see it while I was looking at another book on Amazon and I knew I had to have it!

In this book we meeting Dallas Knox a millionaire who owns her own real estate company who has been in a funk for the past few months and is looking for one thing and one thing only a one night stand.  She knows she looks good, she knows she can have any man she wants, so she intends to find it that night.  What she doesn't expect is to be saved from a wannabe cowboy by none other than a member of a MC; but not just any member the president of the Devil's Renegade Motorcycle Club Luke Carmichael.  Luke saves her from being humiliated and takes her home with him to take care of her.  He doesn't take advantage of her all he does is care for her.  Due to this fact I had a hard time believing this was going to be a book I would like especially when he said he wanted to take things slow and wouldn't take advantage of her.  I was seriously sitting there scratching my head like WTF?!?  

But as the story progressed I started to become fascinated with the man that is Luke Carmichael.  He was loving one minute and bad ass biker the next I just couldn't figure him out.  Dallas almost gives up on the first man to make her FEEL differently about herself when he takes her to meeting the club and she sits in the corner and is literally ignored by Luke.  He talks to the men and hugs women but he doesn't so much as pay any attention to Dallas and it hurts her.  One of the girls, Red, tries to explain to her that that's how it has to be that she will learn but she has to do exactly what Luke tells her to do.  But she doesn't listen running into an old friend she hasn't seen in years, she begins to talk to him and Luke loses it dragging her out of the bar to yell at her.  When he's done he storms back inside not even sparring her a backwards glance.  Hurt and dejected she calls the one and only person she can her assistant Lindsey.  Dallas has never felt the need to be nice to Lindsey after all she's her assistant but Lindsey makes her see the light and soon they become fast friends and begin to hang out.  Dallas realizes she has lost her chance with Luke when he says that he wishes her the best and that he hopes to see her soon again someday.

Dallas goes back to her life but with a new outlook growing closer to Lindsey as the days pass, but Luke is always in the back of her mind.  They run into one another not too long after that and he saves her once again from getting a DUI when her and Lindsey get hammered at a bar one night.  I found it sad that even when being face to face with Luke again and being given a second chance she still doesn't take it; allowing him to walk away once again.  It's not until she goes to a formal dinner event in which she is attending to expand her growing real estate business that she finds herself in his presence again.  I am further left scratching my head when it's revealed that Luke owns a construction company.  She finally gives in and goes home with Luke.  From here the sparks start to fly and from that moment I knew I was hooked.  It was interesting to watch Dallas find herself and deal with her issues that she's lived so long with; but never allowing Luke to see or find out what the real her is like.

But with every story there are secrets, and secrets are what define what happens in the relationships.  Secrets have a way of rearing their ugly head at the worst moments.  So when Dallas returns from a trip to Tupelo in which someone tried to kill her only to find Luke more distant than before taking phone calls in the other room, worried that Dallas will leave him when he announces he has something he needs to tell her, and just acting differently Dallas begins to worry.  So when the secrets surface what will happen?  I can't tell you that as much as I would LOVE to, you will just have to read for yourself to find out.  There are so many things left unanswered in the first book and when I got towards to end of the book not knowing that there was going to be another book I thought for sure the author was going to rush through the ends so I was delighted to discover there are going to be two more books in this series.  What exactly is Luke hiding?  Who is he really?  What is Dallas not tell him?  Who exactly is this rival MC gang?  So many questions, so little answers and I want more and I know it will be worth the wait.  Well done Kim Jones I give it 5 stars!

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  1. it is so nice to see someone that is actually getting the point of this book. secrets can be hinted at without giving everything away all at once and in one book. I have read many books that have done this and alot of people don't even notice it. I am hoping that other people will read Saving Dallas with a open mind and enjoy it. I can't wait for part 2 and I give part 1 - 5 stars. this is my favorite type of book. interesting and can't put it down. temping you into wanting more and can't wait for the next one to find out more answers.