Wednesday, May 29, 2013

My review: Reconnected by Bethany Daniel

Title: Reconnected
Author: Bethany Daniel
Genre: Contemporary
Publication date: May 8, 2013


Katy Warren thought her life was perfect. Then her new husband, and also highschool sweetheart, gets discovered while theater acting and gets swept away to Hollywood. Once there, things change. Liam throws himself into the Hollywood life and ignores Katy. 

One night after a particularly crazy party, Katy can't take it anymore and leaves Liam and his celebrity behind but doesn't get an official divorce.

Four years later, Liam goes to Georgia for filming and crosses paths with Katy again. But now she's just Kate and she has a boyfriend and she doesn't want anything to do with her marriage. Liam has other plans.

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My Review: 

I've read somewhere that some people say that short romance stories lack the ability to tell a true and complete story, I've also read that this book isn't realistic I've read that it doesn't make sense that she would go back to her husband after what he did but you know what #1 it does happen and #2 it's a book one person's vision shouldn't be looked at in that sort of a light.  An author is brave enough to go out there and write their story and I personally enjoyed this story.  As a blogger it's nice sometimes to have a straight forward love story that can be enjoyed right until the very end and that's exactly what I did in this case.

In this story we meet Katy who now goes by the name Kate.  Once upon a time Katy married the man of her dreams when she was nineteen years old she knew Liam for a long time and on a whim they got eloped in Vegas.  Everything was going great Liam was really into acting but one night in a theater during a performance changes their lives forever.  Liam gets picked up to become a star and overnight their lives change.  There's constant parties and networking and when Katy comes home one night to find her house full of people and a party in full swing with women hanging all over her husband something inside her snaps.  But more than that it was her husband's attitude toward the entire thing.  He just had a carefree attitude and said it came with the territory but his big mistake was not talking to her and ignoring her.  So the next day Katy packs up her bags and leaves and no longer is Katy Warren wife of hollywood star Liam Warren.  She changes her name and goes back to college in a small town in Georgia.

What Katy doesn't expect is to find out that Liam is coming to shoot some scenes for his new film on the beach in none other than the town she is enrolled into college at.  Katy is happy with her life she has a new boyfriend, a great best friend, and her college life that is until her friend Krista tells her that Liam is coming to shoot scenes for his film there and she knows it's only a matter of time before she runs into Liam and what happens she runs right into him and so begins to unfold the events of Liam and Katy finding their way back to one another.  It won't be an easy journey but Liam is determined to have his wife back in his life for good this time. 

So join Katy and Liam as they find one another and journey through all that comes with being in Hollywood, love, lies, loss, jealousy, and ultimately finding yourself once again.  I also like the story of Krista and Scott and hope that Bethany does decide to write their story in the future it would be interesting to see how their story turns out.  I gave it four stars.

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